Friday, December 2, 2011

Hide and Seek

It's a good thing I'd taken the "before" photo of this tree the other day.  The wicked winds of the last few days are stripping all the oaks of their leaves.

And this is where they land. 

Bessie Anne is almost exactly the color of the leaves and becomes nearly invisible at this time of year.  Poppy and Tessie are munching the last of their breakfast before joining the others in the shelter at the side of the barn.

There's my girl!

Another animal was playing hide and seek yesterday.  I spied a tail going around the corner of the deck by the living room and went to check on this uninvited visitor.  A grey squirrel had come all the way around and was checking out everything from the refrigerator to the flower pots.  The silly thing stayed on the deck, looking at the views from all angles, for over an hour.  Was it just bored?

A little later on in the afternoon, it was me playing hide and seek.  The power went out for hours, well into dark.  Not able to do much else, Bessie Anne and I went to bed early.  I found out how early when the phone rang.  One of the Kids called and was surprised that I was sound asleep at eight-thirty.  Could'a fooled me.  Might have been midnight for all I knew.

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Kathryn said...

Oh man...power out when you need to get things done is one huge bum deal...but extra sleep, well that's plain nice! I loved the photos - thanks!