Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Stepping out the kitchen door yesterday morning to refill the hummingbird feeders, I noticed a pile of grain where no grain should be.  Two steps from the door and next to a case of stored water.  What in the world and how did it get there?  Evidently one of the many ground squirrels who have taken over decided it was too far to go back to the chicken pen for a snack while he was lounging on the deck and filled his cheek pouches to deposit in a handy spot.  The best I can do is say that at least he was neat and tidy, but really?  I'm of the opinion that this has gone too far, but probably better than a line of squirrels with picket signs declaring me unfair to rodents.

Bringing morning milk to the chickens, I didn't see Rhonda either in the pen or anywhere outside.  She usually comes running to get a slurp, but I sat with Betty for our daily tete-a-tete and no Rhonda.  Worried that she might have gone walkabout one too many times, I kept an eye out all day for her.  As she is one of just two white hens, it's not hard to tell when one is missing.  Dang it!  Then, late in the afternoon there she was, back in the pen as if she'd never left.  Sometimes I think it might be worth investing in a Go-Pro camera.

Yes, really.  Another sunset.

It was a good day.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

One Of Those

Not too much to say about the farm yesterday, as it was a go-to-town day.  Actually, a go-see-the-doctor day, aarrgh.  It wasn't all bad, though.  I, who take maybe four aspirin a year for pain, will be on daily meds now but found out my co-pay is $3 a month.  Woohoo!  While at Wally World, decided to check out a smaller size jeans and, guess what, they were on clearance and the sale price was...$3!  Best of all, they fit.  I haven't worn this size since, what, junior high?  Like peanut butter, I've always been chunky style.  Stopped at the vet's office to pick up Bessie Anne's heartworm medicine and wished I had a co-pay for that.  But they gave me a rebate coupon, so that was good news.

It was just one of those days, but a lovely, lovely sunset to top it off.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Hangin' With The Guys

Poor Red's was jumping yesterday when they had their Grand Opening, or reopening, as the case may be.  Red's always had an eclectic clientele and it was apparent yesterday that some things don't change.  Age groups ranged from barely legal to silver-haired and the parking lot was packed with high-end cars, pickups, and Harleys.  The building has been expanded and upgraded, but much of the "flavor" has been retained.  What had been the garage where Red had worked on motorcycles with his buddies has been replaced with a large patio, and this is where a band set up and a number of well-represented biker clubs congregated yesterday.  As the official "Club Momma," I was, as always, treated like royalty by Dave and my guys in the Freed Spirits.  Nothing quite like being surrounded by good-looking dudes in black leather to raise my spirits!  Several club members I hadn't met yet were there and some from the El Dorado chapter, as well.  What a great group of guys.

Needless to say, it was a good day.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Butterflies Are Free

I'm becoming quite a social butterfly.  Thursday was a date with the Ladies, yesterday I had lunch with my friend Harold, and today I'm meeting up with Dave and the Freed Spirits at Poor Red's.  (Monday I see another of my doctors, but not looking forward to that.)

All this leaving home has Bessie Anne depressed.  When I'm here, we're never far apart.  Even though she spends most of her time sleeping now, she needs to be close and preferably in contact with me.  If I'm in my chair, Bess prefers to be in my lap or lying with her head on my foot.  When I'm at the computer as I am now, she crawls into the knee hole of the desk and her head warms my bare foot.  She has difficulty walking without slipping on the kitchen floor, but comes just inside the doorway to watch.  When she wants to go outside, we're supposed to go together (according to her rules).  If I'm busy, I must at least step out the door before she'll go out, but she'll accept it if I go no farther.  The best, of course, is when we go together.  Bessie has cataracts in both of her beautiful brown eyes, but I know she still has some vision.  It's her hearing that is gone.  Sometimes when she has been out on her own and comes to either the kitchen or dining room doors, if I'm at the other and call her, she doesn't respond until I stamp my foot on the deck.  She can feel the vibration and come to me.  Calling her is useless.  She no longer hears a car drive up or the coyotes on the hill.  Bess depends more and more on familiar routines and I go along with her program.  It's the least I can do for my little friend.

Like the butterflies, I've got places to flit to and I'd best get started.  We're burning daylight here.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

That's Cool

Temps have been in the mid-to-low 80s the last couple of days and there has been a slight rise in ambition.  (It doesn't pay to get carried away with these things.)  A good portion of yesterday was spent watering; watering the pig (rose) garden, the herb garden, and all the pots on the deck.  Watering here is a rather lengthy process because of the well.  My well only draws about 4.5 gallons a minute and it needs time to replenish when I'm using a lot of water.  A leaking faucet can run it dry, as I've learned to my dismay.

Camille scored big on produce trimmings this week and was kind enough to share.  The chickens are happy, happy, happy!  The store had also thrown out a pineapple that had seen better days.  The topknot leaves were brown, but the fruit was still firm.  Hey, I'm not too proud and I'm here to say it was the best pineapple I've ever had.  And yes, I stole it from the chickens.

After weeks of needing the ceiling fan on and just a sheet on the bed, it was cool enough last night to put a blanket back on and leave the fan off.  Bess, Ralph, and Celeste also noticed and got right back in the practice of snuggling tight up against me.  Sure makes turning over and/or stretching out difficult, but I can't say I blame them.  Feel free to remind me of this when I'm whining about freezing this winter.  I'm cool with that.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Shut The Front Door!

Rule #1:  If you don't want a goat to get in somewhere, don't give 'em the opportunity to get there.

Brought Inga into the milking room and let Cindy, Esther, and Tessie out into the pen.  Finished working with Inga.  As I let Inga out, Esther was basking in the sun by the barn wall.  Took the rope and went around to get Sheila from her stall.  All was going according to plan, and then all hell broke loose.  Coming around the corner with goat #2, I saw that the door to the milking room was open and Esther wasn't lying down beside it.  She was in the room and had discovered the mice's stash of grain.  I got Sheila up on the stand and tried to get Esther out.  But then Cindy came in (door not shut) and I had two to contend with.  Both Cindy and Esther were pushing Sheila out of the way to get to her cereal bowl.  I finally got the rope around one and then the other's neck and out of the room and shut the door.  Whew!  Settling down to milk Sheila, I heard banging and baa-ing from the back stalls.  Oh good grief!  In my rush to get the invaders out of the milking room, I hadn't quite shut the gate to the rear of the barn.  All four of the others were in there, pushing and shoving in the aisle and going in and out of the stalls.  This was the reverse of a clown car; instead of tumbling out, goats were getting in everywhere.  When I'd finished with Sheila (first things first), I went around to chase the miscreants out.  That's when I found Tessie in Cindy's stall and someone had slammed that door and shut her in.  It's hard to be mad when you're laughing.  With a certain degree of calm restored, the rest of the morning went well.  Lesson learned.

Spent a lovely afternoon poolside at Cam's with the Ladies of Fair Play.  We all enjoyed a potluck buffet, cooling libations, and good conversation.

After a somewhat crazy, rough start, it was a good day.

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Bliss:  supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment.  It was worth the trip to town to use another portion of the gift certificate my Kids gave me for a massage.  It was pure bliss.

Boys... Dave said he's thinking about replacing the seat on FuManchu with a motorcycle seat and, of course, adding a cup holder.  Just the thought of it cracks me up.  Nice to know Fu went to a good home.

I try never to leave home for just one reason, so also ran an errand or two and found another recycling center yesterday.  I save up squished cans and take them in once or twice a year.  The refund on CRV fee adds up!  I got a nice chunk of change yesterday.  A massage plus extra money equals bliss in my book.

It was a good day.