Monday, December 5, 2011

Jumping Hurdles

This is the time of year when I feel like a steeplechase rider or, more likely, the horse.  No sooner is one holiday over than I have to set my sights on and gather forces for the next.  Yesterday was a decompression day, with a long nap and some serious grazing, picking my way through leftovers.  Even were I not so fortunate as to have my family to cook for, I would still fix a turkey and all the trimmings just for the pleasure of those leftovers.  The first "second" day is always a hot plate of turkey, potatoes, dressing and gravy, and the side dishes, but from then on it's hot turkey and dressing sandwiches on sourdough bread with cranberries on the side, or, if I'm feeling decadent, turkey and bacon sandwiches.  I'll work my way through until there's only the carcass left, and that will go into making a soup.  Oh, gosh, I do love Thanksgiving!

Now it's time to pick up the reins and head toward Christmas.  I got no further in decorating the house than putting a wreath on the front door before the Kids came up.  Now it's time, before the dust settles (again!), to start hauling in the trees and tubs of decorations.  There were times in recent years that I took a minimalist approach, but I feel like going all out this year.  My holiday spirit got a boost when Bessie and I took our after-dark walk and found that most of the five or six houses I can see from my hill, including the little house across the road, have put up Christmas lights.  Who'da thunk it, way out here in the boonies?  From the time I was a little, little girl, the family would go driving at night through the neighborhoods just to look at Christmas lights.  Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer is such an institution now, but I remember learning the words and singing along with Gene Autry when that song first came out in 1949.  I have a big, lighted Frosty the Snowman that used to go in the front yard, but it scared Bess so bad on her first year here that he's never come out of storage again.

The wicked winds have blown through and the temperature has dropped.  I had to break ice in the water trough in the goat pen yesterday.  It's below freezing this morning.  The most strenuous thing I did yesterday was haul wagons of wood up to the porch, and the first thing I did today was kick open the vent and add logs to the firebox.

Thanksgiving is over.  Christmas is coming!


Kathryn said...

Ahhhh - nothing better AFTER the repeats of the original dinner, than the sandwich with dressing inside AND I put the cranberry sauce inside too - although I eat it cold, with lettuce, and lots of mayo. OK, I guess I had better create a mini turkey dinner, as it is my favorite of all-time meals, and I didn't cook and was sent home with no leftovers at Thanksgiving, and Christmas does not look like it will be any different. Thanks for the encouragement - I think a half turkey breast is in our future. And who knows - I may even decorate!

Kathy V said...

Did you know they make solar lights? They can go anywhere you can get sun!