Thursday, January 28, 2010

And Now A Commercial...

I'm going to digress today to throw in a plug for Melissa D'Arabian's Ten Dollar Meals on the Food  Channel.  I watched her win the Next Food Channel Star show, and ran across her program the other day.  Last night I made her menu...herb-crusted pork loin and braised red cabbage with apple, fennel seed, and a little red wine.  I've never made a better pork roast, and Joel, who normally runs from vegetables, had thirds on the cabbage.  We all signed up for the Clean Plate Club.  Dinner for four really did cost less than ten dollars!  Pork loin was less than the price of hamburger.  I'm definitely putting her on my DVR list.

I explained to all the critters that their cooperation would be greatly appreciated last night, and would you believe it...they all went in like good little kids.  After whirling through the house like a dervish all day, I actually was ready with ten whole minutes to spare!  (That's got to be some kind of record.)  As I told Dennis, you can come to my house late, but for crying out loud, don't come early! 

Even though I'm no longer an official member of the Red Hat Society, I'm taking Judy with me today to meet up with the Red Hat Gold Diggers (my old chapter) for luncheon at one of the local Indian casinos.  It's my belief that Red Hatting is more of a lifestyle and mind set than membership. When you get to that stage in life when you just don't give a darn what "impression" you make, you qualify for Red Hats!  After all, Girls Just Want to Have Fun!!


Kathryn said...

OK, this is kind of freaky - before I read this, I had set out the Trader Joe's pork loin to thaw for tonight's dinner, and last night I attended my first Red Hat outing since I moved back to Southern California!!! I'll have to look up Melissa D'Arabian online and see if the recipe is there - we were uncrusted tonight, but still good and tender!! And by another coincidence...sauteed cabbage, but it was green and unembellished! Fun!

Bo said...

I love the connection!