Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Constant Companion

A nudge on my leg reminds me that I've not yet introduced Bessie Anne, and she's not a girl to be ignored!  Our prior dog, Dogie, is worthy of a book of her own, but that's a story for another day.  When she died, many mourned with us, and Steve said he wanted no more dogs.  But he went to work every day and I was here, and there was such a hole in my heart that I knew only another dog could fill.  My daughter Deb found a litter of 8-week-old puppies at a shelter near her and we all went to see.  My only requirement was that the dog be a short-haired female.  And there was Bessie Anne, a dark chocolate brown border collie/labrador mix...made to order!  For a month I kept her leash tied to my bibbies until I was sure she knew her boundaries outside.  The first night I let her out to potty on her own, she evidently raced around the deck, took a flying leap out into space and landed 15 feet down, breaking her back leg in two places.  My vet happens to be an orthopedic specialist, and two surgeries later you'd never know she'd been injured.  It was a rough start for such a little girl. 

We noticed her appearance was changing.  She grew blond curls on her head like a cocker spaniel, and her tail had long hair at the base, short hair at the end.  Her fur grew medium long and lighter until she's now a blond (I'm making no judgments).  Her chest broadened like a bulldog.  She grew a ruff over her shoulders like a collie.  What was this dog?  This didn't happen overnight, and I still call her "a work in progress."  The only breeds I can't identify are border collie and labrador! 

And then she discovered skunks.  She got skunked seven times in one year!  Once she got skunked when the power was water, no bath, and the ladies from the Red Hat Society were coming for luncheon that day.  Now if she needs to go out after dark, I walk her on a leash.  Okay, I'm a slow learner, too.

We go everywhere together, be it out to the goats and chickens, or from room to room.  Bessie knows my routine better than I, and prods me if I'm running late.  She's a gracious hostess to guests, and a big sister to Frank and Pearl.  She's my early warning system for danger.  She's my friend and constant companion.  She's filled that hole in my heart.


Kathryn said...

Oh my gosh I HAVE to meet you both. And, cute as it is, I'm guessing her outfit does not fool the skunks into thinking she is one of their own!!

Judy said...

Somehow I got listed twice as a follower and can't figure out how to delete the second one. Oh, well.....