Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Goats Rule!

Company is coming for dinner tonight.  This is a little more complicated than one might think, as one must plan around the goats' schedule.  The morning, which might better be spent spiffing up the house, will instead be spent milking and cleaning the barn and associated chores.  Guests must arrive after the girls have been put to bed, but cooking must all be done before that.  One can only hope everyone behaves well and doesn't resist going to their room, delaying the process.  Timing is everything! 

Once upon a time, when I had just Lucy and Ruth, who was a baby, I won a night's stay at a local B&B.  We decided to make this a real event.  We put on our go-to-town clothes, checked into the B&B (only a mile from home) and drove the 20 miles into Diamond Springs for early dinner.  Since Lucy was on twice-a-day milking, we then came home, I changed into barn clothes and did the chores, changed back into my nice outfit, and we went on up the road for our romantic get-away.  At five the next morning, I left Steve snoozing in the suite, came home, changed into barn regalia, and went to the barn.  It, of course, was raining.  At that time I had no real barn and no milking room and the stand was outside.  Lucy would not go out into the rain, so I crawled around in the little shed, trying to get her to stand still, while Ruth snatched the hat off my head and played keep-away.  Bedraggled, dirty, and wet, I had to shower, change clothes again, and go back to the B&B for continental breakfast with Steve.  As I said, goats rule...just about everything. 


Kathryn said...

Ok, THAT wore me out!! Whew - hope the girls behaved...and the company too!

Linda Cox said...

LOL - Hopefully all of those showers were not for naught!