Monday, January 31, 2011

Birds Get High

Just about the time I think I've got a handle on animal behavior, something like this happens and I know I haven't got a grip.  Stepping out to get firewood, I was surprised to see these three Mafia Boys up on the feed barn roof.  Whatever possessed these normally pedestrian birds to go to such heights?  Perhaps they'd sought a better vantage point to look for Carmine...I haven't seen him for a couple of days.  Just as with the chickens, I'm always counting beaks and hate it when I come up one shy.

Musashi has been doing his part, jumping on and yelling Giddyup-Go!, but the Silkie girls have been laying their eggs and then going off to look for bigger, better bugs or some such and letting the eggs get cold.  Last night, there were three warm eggs in the nest and I left them where they were.  I've recorded the event on the calendar.  If the little powder puffs continue to do their job and sitting on the nest, in twenty-one days we could have "cotton balls."  I can't even imagine what baby Silkie chicks look like. 

Tessie's trip to visit the buck was postponed because of rain yesterday.  The price of stud service has gone up this year (what hasn't?).  One has to weigh the cost of the gigolo as compared to possible profit from selling the kids and milk.  If I could find a buyer for Nineteen, then that would cover the charges and open up a stall for delivery.   Worra, worra, worra (no, I'm not Irish, but my sister is).

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