Saturday, January 22, 2011

Red Letter Day

It's going to be a great day.  Deb and Craig are coming up and, as if that weren't treat enough, they're bringing KFC!  I would have known it was going to be a special day anyhow, because I won all three solitaire games this morning on the first shuffle...what did I say about omens?  (I play a lot of solitaire while waiting for my oh-so-slow computer to move on to the next task.) 

Good news:  tomorrow my friend Judy will celebrate nine years cancer free.  There couldn't be a better reason to celebrate.

Bad news:  my friend Arden took a tumble (a lot of that going around lately) and chipped a bone in her shoulder.  No celebration there, but she's on some pretty good pain meds.

The goats have been having their pedicures, one hoof each day.  Ruth, who has been such a stinker, is a hoof behind the program because she refused to come in that day.  Were it not for her, that chore would be done today.  I've got to decide if I'm going to send one of the girls off to sex camp for breeding.  Sarah and Guy are taking their does over to visit the buck and offered to take one of my kids, too, since I have no way to transport.  In the past, the meet-and-mate has occurred in September or October so the babies are weaned by March or April.  Five months of gestation, two months of twice-a-day milking and bottle feeding; that puts me in the barn well into August when it's bloody hot down there.  No spare stalls for delivery.  I've got another week to make up my mind.  There are some definite logistics to work out here.

Musashi has settled in with his little harem.  I'd been wondering if he'd ever get the crowing down right, and then I remembered that he's speaking Japanese and I'm the one who's wrong.  Yuki runs to the gate at my approach at bedtime and does her silly little squat, stumpy wings akimbo, waiting to be picked up.  There is something so endearing about this feather-light, incredibly soft, warm, tiny creature snuggling in my hands for her nighty-nights.  I know one shouldn't have favorites, but....


Kathryn said...

A red-letter day indeed! Makes me smile (all but Arden - quick mend to her)! Who knew that Sex Camp and logistics were so complicated. I'm surprised there is not a reality show featuring the critters-of-wherever as they are off-on-a-romp!!

Anonymous said...

English: cock-a-doodle-do
Japanese: ko-ke-ko-kko