Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Year On the Farm

I started writing this journal on January 13, 2010...a whole year ago.  Time is so elastic; like many events in life, sometimes it seems as though it was yesterday, sometimes a lifetime ago.  I went back and reread my "mission statement" on Day One.  I think/hope I've met my purpose, to give a glimpse of farm life as I know it.  It's been a year of birth, death, triumph, tragedy, frustration, exultation, boredom, tears, and overwhelming love and joy.  In other words, just a year like any other or any one's, but here in a rural setting. 

I thought I would be writing only for my family and a few friends.  The blog site started keeping statistics on the first of June.  It is stunning to find that there have been, to date, 8,714 "hits;" over a thousand a month!  Even more amazing to me is where these readers are, and I think it is worth listing the thirty-seven countries (in the order they logged on):  United States, Colombia, Canada, China, Japan, Denmark, Latvia, Russia, Poland, Indonesia, India, South Africa, Spain, Chile, France, Vietnam, Germany, Taiwan, Brazil, Italy, Pakistan, Ecuador, Iraq, Iran, Philippines, Netherlands, South Korea, Mexico, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Armenia, Slovenia, and Israel.  Some are just drive-bys, some come back again and again.  It makes me very pleased and proud to think so many are seeing the view on my hill through my eyes.

Silkie Update:  Yuki missed her cues.  Before Musashi arrived, she was persistent about sitting on the nest.  Now that there is a possibility that she could actually hatch some chicks, she leaves the eggs to darn near freeze in the frigid weather.  They've got to start coordinating efforts if we're going to have babies.  I've been laughing to myself regarding Musashi's name.  In my mind, it sometimes gets transposed to's not good to call a Japanese chicken "sushi."  Even mentally, I have to quickly correct myself and apologize to the boy, and reassure him that a dinner plate is not in his future.

They say if you do a thing five times, it's a habit.  I'm in the habit now of starting nearly every day with an entry.  Some days have been harder than others, but it's truly been a pleasure to share life on the farm.  While remaining constant, it is also ever changing.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring?  I'll write again's a habit.


Linda Cox said...

Congratulations, happy anniversary and thank you!

As always,

Kathryn said...

Can you BELIEVE IT? A whole year...WOO HOO and kudos! And what a wonderful habit it is. For various reasons, I basically don't drink coffee...but this has certainly become my "morning Joe," and as much as I'd like to read it first off, I save and savor it - and leave it for next-to-last in my morning computer routine. FYI - it's email, banking, Daily Jumble word game, and THEN I get to open the Blog (only Facebook is after). It is so nice to have something pleasant to start the day, and you have now provided that for a whole year. Thank you, dear Bo! And may you continue for many, many more!!