Friday, October 3, 2014

Error In Judgment

Sundown.  Poppy went in (what a surprise), Sheila started to go in but turned and went out again to join the others and stare at...what?  What else; Cat was in the pen.  Cat made an error in judgment this time.  Yelling and clapping my hands, I ran toward Cat.  This emboldened the girls and the herd also ran at Cat.  Cat took off, thinking to escape over the fence, but (ha HA!) Bessie Anne had come out with me and was waiting.  Goats on one side, dog on the other, and Cat up the post.  Bessie has never even growled at her cats, but strangers are fair game.  She darn near climbed the fencing to get at this interloper, barking like crazy and giving Cat what for.  I don't think Cat thought this game was much fun anymore.  It considered choices, gathered its pluck, sprang over Bess's head and took off like a black streak of greased lightning.  Bessie gave chase, but she doesn't have the stamina for sustained running these days and, besides, her mission was accomplished.  Mom didn't want Cat here and Cat was gone.  Panic in the pen subsided and all the girls went to bed.  The end.

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Kathryn said...

Oh I LOVE happy endings. GOOD JOB, Bessie!