Friday, October 10, 2014

Taking A Dip

With the barren brown ground of summer, it's always a pleasant surprise when the "naked ladies" come back in fall, pretty pink bouquets springing out of nowhere.

Ambition returned with a dip in temperature into the 70s and the day was spent taking care of a multitude of small tasks that have been on the To-Do list for ages.  Cousin Mark taught me that the first item on the list should be "Make a list," then add a few items, go back to the top and put a line through "Make a list."  Does wonders for the sense of accomplishment!  It is also important for those of us who are easily distracted, who veer off on our way to do one thing and end up doing another, to write the thing done on the list even after the fact and then cross it off (see prior note re. accomplishment).  I appreciate help from any source.  The walkway to the front door was ankle deep in fallen leaves.  Leaves that protectively blanket the herb garden for winter become slick and dangerous when wet on the path.  The wind was coming out of the south, so I raked and moved a mountain of crunchy brown leaves to the north, helped along by the breeze; made my job easier, for sure.  Had it been a north wind, I'd have headed the other direction.  Rake leaves.

Ralph, always on alert and in hero mode, pounced on and killed both of my feet under the blanket this morning and then jumped in the middle of my back.  Could have been a bear under there! 

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Kathryn said...

I had a silly idea the other day...when you don't want to rake the front walkway, just sprinkle some chicken feed on it so that it settles below the leaves, and then let Ginger do her work, as you said that the other day the leaves were in the herb garden, but the chickens' activity moved the leaves all onto the walkway.

Hmmm, I'm going to have to check my naked ladies - they have not made an appearance in a LONG time!