Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Prep Time

Man, oh man, thanks to my guys I am this close to being ready for winter.  Clay ran the chainsaw and cut a couple of piles of odds-and-ends wood into usable lengths and stacked them.  Dave went up on the roof and cleaned creosote out of the chimney.  He also fixed a couple of areas where the gutters had come apart so I won't be hearing waterfalls when it rains again.  I believe I've mentioned that mine is a family of traditionalists and the fellas feel that cutting wood equals Rodeo sandwiches, so that's what they got for lunch (and a bowl of chowder for Clay).  "Thank you" just never seems enough for what my Kids do for me.

I had reason to clean out a cabinet later in the day and cracked up laughing.  I had to call Deb in the evening to tell on myself.  I'd found Christmas gifts I'd bought for her as long as ten years ago and put away for safekeeping.  Safe from me, for sure!  I did not tell her what was in the packages.  Talk about shopping ahead for the holidays, I'm set for this year.  That is, if I don't forget where I re-hid the boxes.

Tired out from wrestling matches and races up and down the stairs, Ralph and Celeste snuggled up for a nap together (aww) in the afternoon.  With the guys working on opposite sides of the house, Bessie Anne got a lot of exercise during the day as she followed me back and forth and in and out.  She is my shadow everywhere I go, rarely letting me out of her sight.  Bess was more than ready for bed last night, but we ran into a problem.  Ralph and Celeste were back on "Bessie's pillow" and wouldn't budge.  Bess got her back rub, but then there was nowhere for her to go.  She tried to claim my pillow, but I selfishly demanded my space.  One dejected puppy plopped down at the foot of the bed, giving a huge sigh and feeling very sorry for herself.

I thought it was a good day; Bess, not s'much.

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