Wednesday, July 4, 2012

By Dawn's Early Light

Fourth of July.  Independence Day.  I'm old enough to be old fashioned, and raising the Stars and Stripes still gives me a thrill.  Happy birthday, America!

The kids have always been encouraged to bring their friends home.  Going out to the kitchen to make coffee this morning, I found that Frank had invited a little friend in to play.  Apologizing to both of them, I had to tell Frank that frogs are better outside playmates as I ushered the little one out the door.

Seasons come marching up from the valley.  Deb sent me this photo (and others), rightfully proud of the garden she and Craig started.  Just the thought of a BLT with this beauty makes me drool.  There are seven green nubbins on the cherry tomato plants I have on the deck.  I am so jealous.

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Kathryn said...

Long may she wave, and here's hoping there are some wonderful BLTs in your future! Happy 4th, Bo!