Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Men (Still) at Work

I'd say there was no rest for the wicked, but they've been such good boys.  We awoke to fog yesterday and it was cold enough to put on July!  Given such perfect weather conditions, Pete and Jake got a few instructions on lawn tractor and rolling weed-whacker and, while I went on with my morning chores, they started mowing and whacking all over the place.  Like Energizer Bunnies, they just kept going and going until they had this place looking like Farm Beautiful.  (I think they really liked the little tractor, and took turns on it!)  They certainly earned a hearty lunch and then, what a surprise, we played cards for the rest of the afternoon.  I won, and then left the arena to fix dinner.

At sundown, Jake came along with his dad in hopes of seeing the Wallendas put on their show, and the mice didn't fail to delight.  One tiny little one became ring shy and didn't want to make the final leap for freedom, staying in the bucket until urged out and then hanging around on the stand.  He finally made an awkward jump and a terrible landing before scurrying off after the others.  Cheap entertainment.

The guys discovered an "antique" X-Box (from when they first came out) and a stack of games.  Technology has swiftly moved on, but it's still strange to hear an eighteen-year-old say, "Remember when...."  I begged off for early(er) bedtime and left them happily blowing up tanks and firing missiles.

It was a good day.

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Kathryn said...

Sounds superb! So happy for all! And how neat for Jake, a city kid (I presume) to get some country chores and country living...and entertainment!)