Thursday, July 5, 2012

No Fireworks Here

It was a day to nap in the heat, pull out a marinated tri-tip for an early dinner, and watch old movies.  Fireworks are not allowed in our area due to the high fire danger, not even those Fourth of July staples like sparklers.  This year there weren't even so many guns going off after dark, the hill celebration in lieu of fireworks.

Bess was lying on the porch after we'd put the kids to bed, enjoying the cool of early evening, when the coyote pack came yipping and howling through the back yard; not the front meadow, the back yard!  I ran out on the deck, flipping on the lights and yelling, and Bess charged after them.  The coyotes took off, but my nutty dog evidently treed whatever they were chasing down in the woods and stayed there barking.  The burr-filled weeds are taller down there than Bessie, and when she finally came back to the house, she was a mass of stickers, twigs, and burrs.  The rest of the evening until bedtime was spent brushing and untangling Bess.  Having given her a haircut made the job a little easier, but still.  Dumb dog, but she meant well.

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Kathryn said...

Ya, you can't blame poor, stickery Bess for defending her property and her mistress, but somehow I don't think the dog brain has all the cause and effect figured out...unless of course it involves doggie treats!