Sunday, July 8, 2012

Faster Than Wildfire

Shortly after I posted the journal yesterday, Judy called with news on the fire.  The grapevine up here grows fast!  Oakstone Winery, just up the road and over the hill on Slug Gulch, evidently was destroyed.  It was the source of the fire and our volunteer fire department was able to keep it from spreading.  It is so sad to hear of a neighbor's tragedy.  The two-story building with tasting room, storage tanks, and hundreds of cases of wine, and I don't know what-all equipment; a huge investment of money, years of work, emotion, and pride, gone in a matter of hours.  I don't believe there were any injuries, so there is reason to be thankful.

Dave called in the morning to ask for the Mama Mojo for his NASCAR favorite, Tony Stewart (I have the power, don't you know!).  Most of the race was just go round and round, but the finish!  Oh my gosh, it was a bang-up finish!  Tony had started next to last and worked his way up on a difficult track to win.  My reputation is intact.

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Kathryn said...

So sorry about your neighbors' loss, but so thankful that lives were spared and that it did not spread over the dry hillsides. That is NOT a viable solution to mowing.

And I didn't realize you had such POWER! I'll keep that in mind if I ever need your Mojo!!