Monday, July 30, 2012

No Excuse

My being late to the barn two days in a row did not sit well with the ground squirrels.  I had settled into the routine with Cindy on the stand when one, obviously in charge, stood on his hind legs in the open doorway to the big room, looked me in the eye, and began to scold.  This squirrel gave me "what for" like I've never been given.  He gave me a dressing down that would have made a Marine DI proud.  I believe my parentage was called into question, and I was accused of everything short of sinking the Titanic.  Not even a foot high as he sat there, this squirrel knew you are as tall as you think you are and it mattered not that I was looking down at him.  Chittering away, he said his piece, dismissed me with a flick of his tail, and left to report to the grievance committee.  Stunned, I muttered an apology and hurried with my tasks so I could get breakfast in their bowls.  Who's training whom around here?

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Kathryn said...

Now THAT'S funny! Not only are you feeding every mouth in sight, but when the welfare food stamps are late, you get flack!! Let's turn the tables, and I say YOU should launch a protest! Occupy that goat barn!! (Sorry, I couldn't resist!!)