Thursday, April 4, 2013


Flora and fauna change with the seasons.  The hummingbird colony is growing by leaps and bounds daily, slurping up a couple of bottles of juice a day.  I'm hitting the bottom of a ten-pound sack of  sugar already, using two cups of sugar to eight cups of water to make their "juice."  The mourning doves have moved on, their place taken by the much larger collared doves whose wings make such a clatter when they fly off in formation.  True bluebirds have arrived, little birds with rosy breasts and bright blue backs.

Patches of Baby blue eyes are everywhere.  Even more than the arrival of robins, these cheery little faces mean spring to me.  With rain promised today, I did some mowing yesterday, whizzing around and trying to avoid these lovely wildflowers.

Tree Guy and No. One Son came by early in the morning and planted a Chinese pistache tree in the south pasture, a replacement memorial tree for Steve.  I've had bad luck with prior trees, and have my fingers crossed for this one.  The guys didn't have time to take care of other items on the To-Do list, but promised they'd return soon.

My Kids are also seasonal and I don't blame them.  Most of our get-togethers are in the fall and spring.  Dave probably won't be up in the near future as the oak trees are heavy with pollen-laden fronds.  He's allergy prone and suffers in pollen season.  It looks like summer will be early this year.  I don't expect to see any of the Kids after the temperature rises; we all suffer in the heat.  Spring is the season for company; I've got a couple of sets of guests on the calendar for April and May, and the weather should hold good for them.

As promised, an April shower is here.  The new tree will get watered and I don't have to lift a finger.  It's going to be a good day.

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Kathryn said...

...and your mowing looks wonderful - such tidy meadows coming to life. I don't remember if our March came in like a lion, but it went out like a lamb on Easter, but no April showers for us yet! Guess I'll have to water my own young apricot trees in huge pots...the delectable fruit just starting!