Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Up and At 'Em!

There will be no more of this lollygagging, sleeping in until five-thirty, then laying around eating bonbons and watching the soaps!  My friend Camille will be taking a short trip and I've promised to take care of her animals.  This morning will be my orientation.  It will be interesting to see how I merge our two schedules.  I hope I can make friends with the alpacas and not get hit with their spit wads.

Tree Guy stopped by during the blustery afternoon yesterday.  I had asked for a plan of action to complete some longstanding projects.  I was concerned that birds had started nesting in the brush piled up from last fall down in the south pasture.  I understand roasted quail is a delicacy, but not in my yard.  We walked down to the burn pile and could not find signs of any residents, so that is going on the To-Do List.  The pile of uncut firewood in the middle of the side yard is another item, as is cleaning up under the front oak.  Rain followed by sunshine has made the weeds shoot up everywhere, but nowhere as high as under that oak.  TG said he'd be back on Friday.  Or maybe Saturday.

My niece in New Hampshire called.  A good friend of hers, a nurse, had been working at the Boston Marathon and had helped with the injured.  Cell phone service had immediately been closed off in that city in case that had been the means of bomb detonation so the nurse was unable to call home.  Subways had been shut down and car travel was impossible.  My niece was, much later, able to contact her friend and said that since the nurse was unable to leave the area, in typical Irish Bostonian fashion, she'd found a bar and had a beer while waiting for a bus.  When all else fails....

Yikes!  Just look at the time.  I've got to report for duty!

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Kathryn said...

Well, Dr. Dolittle, I do hope that the alpacas fall in love with you (why wouldn't they...I'm sure you will be bringing FOOD), and that you can merge your critter-care schedules with ease! Oh, and that TG gits 'er dun!