Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Again...or Still

I've been trying to avoid the "W" word, but weather is once again the topic of the day.  It drizzled rain all day yesterday, and today looks like more of the same.  I really need to go to the feed store and get grass hay for Nineteen (wethers can't/shouldn't eat alfalfa...they're prone to bladder stones from the higher something-or-other content), but I don't want to bring home a soggy bale.  The bed of the truck could double as a wading pool.  I will be doing laundry, but will have to use the dryer instead of the clothes line.  Got on the Gray Rock slip-and-slide to take the trash to the big road this morning.  I want to take photos of probably the prettiest hanging basket of flowers I've ever seen, the urn of bright Gerbera daisies, and the many pots of hot-pink geraniums I received on Saturday, but a gray-sky background wouldn't do them justice.  Even if it stops raining today, it'll be days before I can mow the yards, and the weeds are nearly a foot high already.  I heard on the news that this has already been declared a drought year with mandatory water rationing in Sacramento and environs...does that governing agency not look out the window?!  The lakes, reservoirs, rivers, creeks, ponds, and potholes are overflowing...and it's a drought.  Duh.  Ah, well.  As with so much in life, it is what it is...get over it and get on with it.


Kathryn said...

Government Agency and Common Sense???? Oxymoron! Nuff said!

Mark said...

How can they enforce who's using water and who's not if it's wet everywhere you look? I can just imagine the Water Ration Enforcer hollerin "Hey, did you water your lawn on an off day or did it rain AGAIN? I'll let you off today with just a warning."