Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sharing is Caring

On my last trip to town, I bought a dog pillow for Bessie Anne.  She's been having trouble lately, due to arthritis in her hind leg, getting up on her favorite chair or the love seat, and I want my small friend to be comfy and close.  She wasn't sure she liked the pillow when I got it.  She was still on the big bed when I got up yesterday morning (she sleeps in), and I wish I could have gotten a picture of what I found when I came out to the living room...Frank and Pearl had taken over the pillow and were cuddled together, but it was still dark and I move a lot slower pre-coffee.  While Pearl ate breakfast, Frank took advantage and stretched out.  Note that he is in sunlight, the last we saw of that before it started RAINING again.  They continued to switch positions most of the day, until Bess got the idea that it must be a pretty good place to lie, and she claimed the space.  This upset Pearl no end, and she would stand and yell at Bessie to get off "her" pillow, finally deciding that if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, and squeezed in.  Animals know how to compromise.
The house is in chaos, and it's a good thing no company is on the books.  Larry was going to come back today to finish painting the living room and barn.  Can't paint outside in the rain, so we rescheduled for next week.  In the meantime, I moved everything that could be moved and took down pictures, etc., and put the trim tape around, and we'll just live this way for a week, because I'm sure not going to move it a second time.


Linda Cox said...

Aww - Cute and pampered as ever. On a seperate note about rain, a soaking wet cat stopped by AGAIN to tell us what a great time she was having outside - in the storm - at two in the morning - Rain and cold weather forecasted through the weekend nearly as far south as LA - sigh - Any DVD recomendations for the weekend?

Kathryn said...

I feel guilty - sunshine and crisp, clear weather - sleeveless gardening, and water needs to be applied from the hose - none of that stuff coming from the skies! Ladies, you are welcome to come to San Diego for the holiday! Ummmmmm - not sure which hotels/motels take dogs, cats, goats and chickens, tho.