Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The local meet-and-greet spot was busy this morning as the neighborhood celebrated Trash Day (as we do every week).  Played catch up with Dennis; haven't seen him for awhile.  Those unfortunates who have to go off the hill to work waved as they went by.  There is a whole code of waves...lifting a few fingers off the wheel to acknowledge passing strangers, an open hand to say thanks for the courtesy of waiting at a one-way bridge, and a full-fledged wave for friends...and of course there is the one-finger salute to bicycle riders who won't move over.  (Why anyone would want to ride a bike on our narrow, bumpy, rutted, pot-holed, hilly roads is beyond me in the first place.) 

Looking out the window, I can darned near see the grass growing in the early morning sunlight.  After all the rain, and the last few days of seventy-degrees, the grass/weeds is shooting up like rockets.  No dancing on the roof for me today...I see a lawn tractor in my future.


Mark said...

Your return to the blog is a welcome sight. I’ll try not to tease too hard as I fear you might block me as a Spammer. Dehyration can sneak up on you in the burning 70 degree heat. Does your lawn tractor have a holder for your sippy cup?

Kathryn said...

I hear Fiddletown has "weeds on steroids!" And Mark...you are a riot!