Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Odd Thought

I surprised myself yesterday morning by figuring out how to remove and clean the J-pipe from under the bathroom sink.  Being on a septic system, one can't use many of the commercial drain cleaners; mustn't kill off the good bacteria.  I was quite pleased that I even remembered to put a bucket underneath first.  Watching all those DIY shows paid off.

Shirt-sleeve weather in the barn, and it occurred to me that the only one who might enjoy a rainy morning is Sheila.  Being the omega of the herd, she has to dart in to snatch a mouthful of alfalfa, dodging the slings and arrows of the older girls.  On a rainy day, they head for the shelter of the oak and Sheila, braving the elements, is left to eat her breakfast in peace. 

Met with the tattoo artist to design my "ink."  Clay and I will go on Wednesday to do the deed. 

It's a good thing I'm not (very) vain about my appearance.  I have an adverse reaction to mosquito bites, swelling up like a toad at the site.  I've been invited to a barbecue today at a nearby ranch.  A couple of days ago I was bitten on the jaw, and now look like a lopsided bulldog.  That will certainly make a great impression.  I suppose I could go topless to draw attention away from my face, but that's probably not a great impression, either.  A glass filled with ice held to the jaw helps reduce the swelling some, and a couple of fingers of good whiskey over the ice helps my attitude.  By the time the ice has melted, who cares? 

One of the buff Orpington hens has "gone broody."  For the past three or four nights, I tuck the hens into their house and then go to the hay barn to gather the free-ranger eggs and there is this little wannabe mama, fluffed out over that day's clutch of eggs.  She gives a sigh of resignation as I pluck her out from between the bales and take her back to the hen house night after night.  I give her points for persistence. 

Gorgeous weather for Memorial Day Weekend.  God bless America and all who serve her.  "All gave some; some gave all."

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Kathryn said...

Fun blog - sorry about your face - and here's to all who have fought for our freedom - including my dear 86 year old dad who knows of wire recorders! Army Air Corps - whose license plate reads: EXP38JOC