Friday, May 21, 2010

The Sound of Music

These hills will be alive with the sound of music this weekend...and probably for many weekends to come.  The wineries in the area draw customers (locally called "winers") to their tasting rooms by providing live bands and tasty little food tidbits, and sometimes an all-out buffet.  I see my neighbor to the south is setting up today for just such an affair.  (No one lives there; it's just a few acres of grape vines and a tasting room.)  Up here on top of the hill, I'm in a unique listening position to hear it all, depending on which door I go out.  Out on the deck to the north, Perry Creek Winery may have a James Taylor-sounding duo or a combo that plays a lot of Santana.  By the chicken pen, I might hear Windwalker's Dixieland band (my sister's favorite).  Across the hill from the front yard, the bodhran, fiddle, and tin whistle play lively Celtic tunes on the patio at Fitzpatrick's (that would be my favorite).  On the deck to the south, I can't really tell if it's Oakstone or DK Cellars, or perhaps Colibri Ridge, but there's a rock band playing somewhere up on Slug Gulch.  Iverson Winery, over by the trattoria (used to be the bistro), doesn't have a signature band yet, and Fleur de Lys (my south neighbor) just plays tapes, usually zydeco.  The flatlanders come in droves, clogging our narrow roads but helping the local economy.  Steve always said that because there are no lines down the middle, flatlanders think the roads are all one-way...their way.  My solution is to stay home...and enjoy the music.

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Kathryn said...

New meanings to: iPod = myPod; iPad = myPad; and iTunes = enjoy your pad and your tunes...and drink up!!