Monday, May 3, 2010

Mystery Solved

My visiting friend had read about the Rod-RI-go bird.  This past weekend, when that sorrowing bird would call, I'd ask, "There!  Did you hear that?"  Of course, the bird would immediately go silent.  This happened several times and I felt I was about to be accused of making it up, or just plain "hearing things."  As we were saying goodbye while standing in the driveway on Sunday morning, the bird, close by, began crying again for her lost lover.  We scanned the trees, trying to find her.  Dolly suddenly spied the bird in the brush pile in the front yard, "It's a quail!"  Sure enough, we could see the bobbing topknot.  My mind knew it had to be some territorial bird call, but my heart prefers the romance of my imagination.

Ground squirrels also post sentries while the troops forage, and they make the most irritating sound.  It's a very metallic, repetitive chirp that is very much like a T-post being pounded into the ground with a hammer, and it goes on and on and on.  The sentry sits atop a fence post and keeps look out for danger, and I'm sure the squirrels hunting for seeds above ground find it very reassuring to hear the "still safe" call, but I will admit to times I have screamed, "Shut up!  Shut up for God's sake!," probably causing my neighbors to wonder what's going on at Farview Farm.  Ah well, a little mystery is good for them.


Kathryn said...

Well...when you have had enough of the metallic, repetitive chirp, and you think the squirrels have had enough foraging time for the moment...send Bessie Anne out on a "scatter" mission. Or you could just run outside like a banchee!!

Mark said...

You’re beginning to sound as though you’re acting out the stereotypical cranky old person role. Up on the roof complaining about the Rod-RI-go birds romantic call and yelling at the startled, harmless little ground squirrels (ohhhh, look at cute they are…ohhh!). It’s no wonder the neighbors are carrying their video cams with them everywhere. They are waiting to record that rare YouTube moment with you on the roof singing your unique version of Fiddler on the Roof stopping your serenade to chastise the Rod-RI-Go call for a lost love only to continue again with a ChimChimErrReee Chimney Sweep solo then stopping suddenly to yell at the squirrels “SHUT UP-Can’t you see I’m singing?” Or would it be a video of you and the chickens dancing down to the goat barn like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with unbridled anticipation of warm milk to start the day? You need to think about your daily behavior. If not for yourself then at least consider Dolly. I’m sure she wouldn’t want to be the one selected to be the negotiator in charge of assisting the men with the white jacket to safely bring you down off the hill.