Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Reminder

I was a little late getting the wash that included both pair of bibbies hung on the line yesterday.  Getting busy with other house chores, I didn't get them taken down before going out at dusk to put the kids to bed.  No big deal...plenty of time in the morning.  Yes, well...that didn't take into account that today is trash day and I couldn't very well go down to the big road in my robe, nor that at this time of year we get heavy dew in the morning.  Nothing like going out before dawn and then sliding into a pair of cold, clammy bibbies.  That's an eye opener, I can say!  Just another reminder to do a thing when it needs to be done. 

Last week, someone (inadvertently, I'm sure) made off with the lid to my trash barrel.  I've got this thing about utilitarian items and have a need to "beautify" them, usually by painting with flowers, etc., so my lid was decorated with a ring of posies and big house numbers...similar to my mailbox.  When I took the trash down this morning, there was my lid, leaning on the fence.  It's some kind of commentary when my barrel lid travels away from home more than I do. 


Kathryn said...

I'm ok with the robe thing, but I was afraid that if your bibbies were on the lawn, then you were nekked to do your farm chores!!! Or...dressed in your red-hat finery! Cold clammy bibbies are only one notch better than a cold, wet bathing suit...remember when we were kidds and you would have to shimmy back into a wet one or pull it all the way up after going potty?? Yucky! And sooo glad your lid made the trip home - wanted to come back to Belgium, huh?

Kathryn said...

Oops in a hurry bibbies on the LINE..and of course, KIDS.