Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cinderella Story

My coach was a 4WD pickup, and the eight white horses...well, the mice were brown and just stayed mice, but I certainly felt like Cinderella at the ball down at Deb and Craig's.  We were happily joined by Craig's mom, Terry, for a barbecued ribs lunch over which I could wax rhapsodic and embarrass them terribly.  It was a perfect end-of-summer meal.  Suffice it to say, anyone who gets an invitation to eat at any of my kids' homes is in for a real treat.  And they have air conditioning.  And they have a plush, green grass lawn.  And they have an absolutely insane cat named Clyde, who is worth the price of admission by himself.  I just had a great time in good company.  Like Cinderella, when I got back home it was time to take off the go-to-town duds and don my dirty bibbies and exchange the glass slippers for barn shoes and put the goats and chickens to bed.  My princes are coming today...Smelly Mel and Go-To will deliver me from the evil septic tank.  All tales need a happy ending...I'm home.

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Kathryn said...

Mostly play and very little LABOR, it sounds like to me...hooray for your Labor Day Prince and Princess Charmings and their grand feast and their grand castle and grand grounds! And, it sounds like no ugly step-sisters mistreated Bessie Anne or her charges whilst thou was away - a happy ending for sure!