Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fait Accompli

Men at Work.  Denny, a virtuoso on the backhoe, is digging the pipeline down to the new leach field (which now runs directly to the left of the backhoe).  Keith, owner of Lewis Construction, is supervising this portion of the job, and Kevin, Denny's son and a helluva worker, is shoveling out loose dirt.  This photo was taken Friday morning.  The bottom picture was taken today, Sunday, showing the finished project.  These burly, tattooed angels decided they wouldn't leave me "as was" for the weekend and came Saturday to finish the job.  In addition, the rock/gravel that wasn't needed for the leach field was spread over a section of my dirt added act of kindness.  I can now flush at will, run the dishwasher, and wash clothes!  All's right in my world. 

To make the weekend even better, my son Larry and granddaughter Taylor came up on Friday evening.  After the guys were done, Larry and I went down to the goat barn.  Any project down there is a two-man job.  Larry didn't believe me until he got up on the roof and the goats either climbed the ladder to join him or knocked it over, leaving him stranded.  With me standing guard (I'm good at that) over the girls, Larry sealed all the leaks that had sprung during the winter rains and cut limbs from the oak that were rubbing on the roof.  Larry also crossed another couple of items off the To-Do List while he was here.
As I've mentioned before, when guests arrive, they are ensconced in the "computer room," and I don't have access.  This is especially so when Taylor visits.  Taylor is autistic and, while she doesn't speak, she makes her likes, dislikes, wants and don't wants very clear.  This room is her room and visitors are not welcome.  I've been escorted to the door in the past.  Since Larry made a spur-of-the-moment decision to come up, I didn't have an opportunity to forewarn that I wouldn't be writing on the blog.  It is so very heartwarming that I've received a couple of calls, asking if I were all right.  I am.  And thank you for your caring hearts.

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Kathryn said...

What a wonderful sigh of relief that "Bo is Back to Blogging," and all is right with your world. You have pampered us with your daily tales, and it wasn't the withdrawl that was the problem, it was the mild worry that the "money pit" had swallowed you whole!

How fantastic that you can flush, that you got to see Larry and he crossed items off the list, that your tatooed angels were just that, and that Taylor got some Grandma time and vice versa.