Monday, September 27, 2010

Fun And Games

It's back to mid nineties and due to go higher this week.  It's a good thing the mowing and most of the outside work got done while it was cooler, because I'm back to doing only the essentials.  ESPN coverage of the NASCAR race at Dover yesterday was frustrating.  The race itself was just an interruption in a four-hour-long series of commercials.  Ten laps to the finish...and they broke for commercials!  Maybe it's the heat, or maybe I just need something to yerp about. 

The free-range hens are engaging in a game of hide-and-seek.  I've been picking up fewer eggs lately, but thought it might be the heat or perhaps the girls were going into molt.  On a hunch, I looked under the junipers and found a clutch of eighteen eggs.  Not knowing when they were laid, they'll have to be pitched.  Checking under all the bushes last evening, there were two eggs in a different spot (these were fresh), and none in the previous nest.  Going out at dusk makes the "seek" part of the game rather challenging, and it doesn't help that the brown eggs blend in with the dead leaves.  There are perfectly good laying boxes in their house, and lots of straw in the hay barn, but where's the fun in that? 

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Kathryn said...

I guess God decided that California had not had much of a summer, so the torch was lit. We are about 3 miles from the ocean, but over a hill so the ocean breeze does not hit us, and the indoor-outdoor atomic clock with thermometer (receptor is in the shade under a carport) is registering 95...don't think I've ever seen it this hot here!!

Did you tell the little girls that it is not Easter, and you are NOT a little Kid anymore, and therefore, Easter Egg Hunts are NOT appreciated???

Stay cool!!