Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting Ready

The approach of fall is more eminent than I'd realized.  I use diaper wipes down in the barn to clean udders and hands.  There is a big bucket for the used ones, which was ready to bring up and empty...until yesterday.  Going in to feed Lucy, I noticed the level of used wipes was down about two inches!  Then I saw wipes sticking out of nearly every mouse and squirrel hole.  The mamas are getting ready for winter, too.  I have mental pictures of furry families snuggling in soft, scented nests and babies being tucked in with little white blankets pulled over their shoulders on long winter nights. 

Along the same lines, Dave and his roommate, Zach, are coming up today to make sure the log splitter is working well.  When all the Kids can get together, we'll have a work day to split and stack firewood for the year.  In anticipation of the boys' arrival today, I made a fresh peach pie and a batch of cheese, and have an apple pie ready to put into the oven (always better warm).  I'll have to think of something more substantial to feed them, but it doesn't hurt to start with dessert. 

1 comment:

Kathryn said...

How 'bout some "carbo-loading" with big plates of homemade pasta with some of your wonderful sauce for da boyz?!!

OMG your little "tenants" are sooo politically correct with their recycling of used products! No landfill for YOUR used baby-wipes. What a hoot...they must feel like they stumbled on a pot of (wet)gold. Squeaky voice..."Mama, when is my blanket going to dry? It's soft, but damn, it's cold!!!" (I'd love to see a youtube of the mice scaling the inside of the bucket walls to get out, while dragging their treasure!)