Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Surrender

I am sending up the white flag, as it's pretty obvious I've lost the game, the match, the battle, the war!  The animals have won, and all I can hope for now is peace and mercy.  I got a delivery of alfalfa yesterday, and was hardly back in the house when I noticed a dark shape streaking away...a deer had come to feed before I could get the gate back on the shed.  How do they know?  Jungle drums?  Telepathy?  Last night when Pearl came in, she brought a not-dead mouse along.  It mattered not that I have explained many times that there are indoor toys and outdoor toys, and they are not interchangeable.  Pearl was not happy with me when I took her toy gingerly by the tail and put it out on the porch...and for all I know, the mouse was not happy either.  This morning when I opened the front door to see if the mouse was still there (it was not), there was a doe right in the driveway, and she watched me and had no inclination to leave.  Thinking this might be a photo op, I went to get the camera.  She had moved around to the breakfast room and I stepped out onto the deck.  As I was trying for a (camera) shot, suddenly the buck rounded the corner.  While I was shooting him, the smallest member of the family appeared, a young fawn, just out of its spots.  Isn't that just lovely...a family out for breakfast...on my dime!  I used to think that the squirrels who raced away as I approached the goat pen were running for cover.  Oh, no!  They are hurrying to wash their face and paws before mealtime.  I give up.

The pictures are pretty dim, but so was the light.  One does the best one can with what one has.



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Kathryn said...

If you feed them...they will come...kinda like welfare, only these critters can't really go out and get a job and bring home the bacon. But then again, I guess foraging is the equivalent. Well, let's hope that they don't have jungle drums proclaiming the welfare office open for business and just tickled to have hung out the shingle. Maybe you can make them sign an agreement...they and their progeny, but no more! Oops - do mice and squirrels breed like rabbits??? Well, all I can say is...good luck - and thanks for the pics! And I guess you are now officially the goat, deer, turkey, chicken, mice, and squirrel lady of Fair Play??? Or just "Soft Touch"...this-a-way!!