Sunday, September 5, 2010

To Be Continued

This septic tank saga will evolve over time.  The solution is occurring in stages.  Go-To appeared promptly at seven-thirty yesterday morning.  He literally "appeared" while I was in the hen pen and scared me silly.  I didn't hear his truck at all, and suddenly he was standing there, coffee mug in hand and a big smile on his face.  With pick and shovel, it took Go-To three hours to dig down to the tank.  Once past the surface "dust," the decomposed granite earth goes straight to hard pan that is like concrete in the summer and just as difficult to break.  The tank definitely needs pumping out, and Go-To advised me to call "Smelly Mel."  No joke...that's the real name.  It took a couple of tries before I reached Mel, and the real laughs came while waiting for the connection...his message machine plays "Oooh, ooh...What's that smell?" (Grateful Dead?).  I guess you have to have a sense of humor in that business (and no sense of smell!).  Smelly Mel can't come until Tuesday, so I've got an aromatic open pit in the meantime.  I also have an aromatic dog, as Bessie finds the exposed hill of dirt, dampened with you-know-what, just the place to lie.  After Mel does his thing, Go-To will come back to fill in the hole.  To be continued.

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Kathryn said...

Well...I take back what I said yesterday - I'm guessing the Kids won't want to come up for a Labor Day picnic????? But at least step one of the (Tijuana?)"two-step" is finished, and I'll leave all the rest of the crappy puns to you!