Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Baby Makes Three

I should have said, make that three babies.  Deb and Craig had told  me that, at the chicken orphanage where they found the Silkies, there was a choice of white, black, and gray.  They didn't say anything about stripes or multicolors.  I certainly don't want to accuse one of the girls of inappropriate conduct with a quail, but....  Whatever it is, it is cute!  As soon as I put it down, it did a "duck and cover" and all I got was a photo of its fluffy butt. 
Tree Guy and Son worked on the oak again yesterday.  That grand old girl now reminds me of Dickens's Miss Haversham, dressed in ragged remnants of past glory. They left the two upright sections as is.  If they fall at some time in the future, they'll drop into the pasture and do no damage.  At least the view isn't totally denuded, for which I'm thankful. 
TG and I have been discussing moving the goat pen fence and expanding the girls' turf.  The south pasture has lain fallow for years, growing only star thistle.  At one time, Steve and I considered putting in a grove of olive trees, but it would have meant sinking another well for irrigation.  Goats do well in a very small space, but I prefer to see them moving about with more freedom.  I've got to hit the reserves to pay for the tree, so might as well get it all over with at once. 

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Kathryn said...

More surprises from your box of chicklets! And it sounds like giving the girls more freedom is a wonderful idea (like I know what I'm talking about - I just love freedom!) I also love that fact that a blog about country life can rise to the heights of comparisons with Dickens and his Great Expectations (may we all have them) and tuck in phrases like "has lain!" I used to about turn flips in Ohio when I heard someone say, "It is I!" (I think I heard it twice in 7 years!) Oops...I guess my family's grammar-snobhood is showing...and by the way, Bo can run circles around me with vocabulary and grammar!