Saturday, March 12, 2011


Yesterday was a roller-coaster ride from start to finish, so finding these natural bouquets of daffodils in the north orchard gave a focal point of something beautiful and cheery.  Learning of the earthquake in Japan and the tsunami that roared across the ocean to wreak havoc here certainly put my picayune complaints about rainy days in perspective.  A good portion of the day was spent trying to get news of relatives in Hawaii and on Wake Island (maximum altitude seven feet).  It wasn't until late last night I got the family's all-clear.  In all the hours of news coverage of the devastation, the interview that stays with me was with the Reverend from the Buddhist Church in Sacramento who said, "It is Nature.  There is no reason to ask 'why.'"  Strangely enough, something I'd learned from this same church gave me the most comfort when Steve died.  Acceptance and patience; difficult, worthwhile lessons.

The oldest chicks, in only a week, are growing tiny, but real, wing feathers.  The littlest black one's stubby wings are still covered in fluff.  Predictions are for rain every other day for the next week.  I will leave the barrier up and check every so often during the day to make sure the chicks haven't jumped ship for the world outside.  The gaps under the Taj have been filled in, but I'd hate to think of the nannies having to stay out in the rain to shelter runaways.

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Cally Kid said...

Survived the tsunami here on Wake Island without serious incident, only serious anxiety. I'll post more later for everyone. It's good to be caught up with the Farview blog posts and great to hear that the Silke number is up to 5. They are a fun addition to the mix. I also complained about poor weather here on Wake and now have tempered my comments to "glad my barracks room is not full of driftwood and water!"