Saturday, March 19, 2011

Curve Ball

You've got to hand it to the old girl; Nature throws a mean curve ball.  The day before, Poppy and the goats were laid out in the sun, soaking up the rays.  Yesterday morning was windy and rainy, and then the snow came in the afternoon, and it came fast and furious.  (But isn't it beautiful?)  Nature also has unerring aim.  It takes a special talent to drop a load of snow from a branch and hit that single spot between your collar and your neck.  Putting the big girls to bed, they were soaked...period. 
Five of the free-range chickens had sought shelter under the barn.  I opened the gate to their pen and called them over.  "We can't!  It's too deep and we're too widdle!  Help us!"  We're talking all of five feet here.  They stood clustered under the eave and dithered like chickens do until I went over and ferried them, one at a time, to their coop.  I must have missed that chore in the fine print in my contract. 

I hope this storm that is still raging this morning blows over by tonight.  The moon is full and will be the closest to earth in its orbit in the last decade, and will appear larger than normal.  I'd like to see that.


Kathryn said...

O...M...G!!! I can't BELIEVE it! I was talking to a friend in Ohio on St. Patrick's Day and she said, "We are due for one more snow!" I quickly learned when I lived there that once the forsythia bloomed (I had never seen them before my stint in "The Buckeye"), legend or experience dictated that there would be 3 more snows until spring. Now they could be a sprinkling that barely hits the ground, or a quick flurry, or a whole dump...but 3 is the magic number. Any such "legend" in the Gold Rush foothills? And if so, what's the count?? Gosh I do feel sorry for the critters when Mother Nature is so fickle...erratic...bizarre????? I wish someone could be your videographer as you go thru your day - that would be a FUN addition to the blog for sure. So...I hope you are finished with your critter chores and are reading cozily by the fire now!

Cally Kid said...

Beautiful pics. I dream of snow since I can't just jump in the car and go. Then I suppose you dream of the warm weather here since you can't jump on a plane and be here. It's 9am and 75 degrees. Going to be another warm one. So the moon is closer than usual? Interesting because I noticed the full moon last night and it did seem exceptionally large and bright so it must have been that moment you are looking for tonight. I already got to see it because I am a day ahead of you! Don't miss it.