Friday, March 4, 2011


So far, so good with the three chicks.  (The little white one stayed tucked under Yuki and missed its photo op.)  Boy, I am lovin' the digital camera!  It took five shots before these two settled down to pose for their close-up.  All chicks are bits of downy fluff, but these little kids already have the beginnings of the distinctive Silkie leg and foot feathers.  It looks so funny on tiny legs no bigger than toothpicks.  With the speckled heads and red-brown stripe down the back, I can't imagine what these two will look like when they're grown.  I'll just be happy if they continue to grow.  Yuki is sitting on the last four eggs...more chick-lits to follow.

After the hubbub and drama of the week prior, yesterday was a welcome break.  The sun shone all day, all the livestock stayed healthy, and my trees remained upright.  I made a quick run into town, and it was apparent along the way that I wasn't the only one with wind damage.  A huge pine had fallen, pulling up the entire root system, and there were many branches down along the roads.  Job security for Tree Guys.  It's easier to cope with the rainy days as long as we get a break now and then.

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