Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sorry, Moon

Last night was the night of the Super Moon.  We here in Fair Play missed the show, and it wouldn't be surprising if the winds and rain that blew all night didn't throw the moon out of its orbit entirely.  "In like a lion, out like a lamb" is a bunch of bunk.  March 2011 came in with a bad attitude and it looks like she's going out the same way.  Last night was a real howler, and it's still raining this morning, although the wind seems to have abated somewhat at the moment.  The local (Sacramento) news was full of wind warnings and pictures of cars being moved around like Tinker Toys on the wet roads, with gusts up to and over fifty miles an hour and rain falling at two inches an hour in some areas.  There is a lot of flooding down in Sacramento.  Once again I am anxious for daylight to see if my trees sustained any damage.  I am grateful that we still have far, so good.  Watching the news right now (6:30 a.m.) is not reassuring, and if the snow that is predicted for our area comes, it will be a white-out blizzard.  This is one of those days I'll keep the chickens in their coops and leave the barn door chained open for the's that bad. 

On my last trip to town, I was looking everywhere to see if the dogwoods had bloomed.  Word has it that we get one more snow after those trees flower (and it's been proved true in the past), but no such luck last week.  My forsythia is a bright bouquet of yellow, but that plant evidently holds no forecasting power up here. 

I try very hard not to worry too much about those things over which I have no control, but the weather is certainly a cause for concern today.

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Kathryn said...

You have been hit and hit again and hit again...wonder when Mother Nature will feel that you've had enough! I'm sure my Sacramento relatives will mention the weather on Facebook, so I can keep up with theirs that way. We had no moon showing either, and rain is due at noon with flash flood warnings wherever there are flash floods in the San Diego area - they aren't here so I'm not sensitive to their whereabouts...backcountry somewhere. But you have us so beat on the wicked-weather front. Here's hoping that you all stay warm and cozy (I guess you can't when you go out to milk and feed...but after that) and that nothing bad befalls Farview Farm and its precious inhabitants!