Friday, March 11, 2011

A Soggy Day

"A soggy day in Fair Play town.  Had me low.  Had me down."  My sincere apologies to George and Ira Gershwin, but another day of rain did that to me.  These are trampoline days.  The sun comes out and I'm up and full of enthusiasm for the next chore.  The grey clouds roll in and I'm down and bogged with inertia.  "Self," I said, "Get over yourself!"

Tessie had the hoped-for calming effect on Nineteen and he didn't whine once yesterday morning.  He got a little frantic when I took her out of the stall alone to take her into the milking room for a bowl of grain and a bit of grooming.  This will be the new routine for her/them.  Getting a pregnant doe early on into the habit of getting up on the stand every morning, brushed down, and being touched (in a rather familiar way) forestalls a lot of problems down the line after delivery when she'll need to be milked.  I'd rather deal with them doing their Fred Astaire dancing without a bucket underneath. 

I don't hold much hope for the last Silkie egg.  Worried about escaping chicks in yesterday's cold and rain, I kept going out to check on them, and found the egg cold.  It's possible that it had not been fertilized, or perhaps Yuki had just misjudged.  I'll give it another day, and then remove it from the nest.  The six fluff balls are running around the coop, yeeping at the top of their lungs, eating and drinking well.  I think ten is just about all the Taj will hold comfortably, anyhow.  Now we'll have to wait and see how many are pullets and how many cockerels there are...think pink!

The sunshine is bright this morning.  It's going to be an Up Day.

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Kathryn said...

Sun and gray does the same to me...the midwest was NOT good for the need for sunny days! Hope you jumped high enough on the trampoline that you only come down when the sun goes down!