Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gimme a Break

A small victory, but mine own...I beat Trash Guy to the corner this morning!  And I remembered the bag of recyclables, and I left the tailgate of the truck open on the way back to let the inches-deep accumulation of rain and leaves drain out.  Even though the mailbox was frozen shut and the wipers had to work through the slush on the windshield, it was not raining and I will take every good thing that comes my way and give thanks.  There were a few, brief moments of sunshine yesterday, just long enough for my friend to come for her week's supply of milk without getting drenched; another triumph.  Last night's hail is still thick on the deck, a pretty good indicator of the temperature outside.  Weather Guy tells me the next storm isn't due until tomorrow, and that in itself is cause for celebration.  I am so ready for a break.  I know I'm a contender for the Whine of the Week Award, and I may even win!

Yesterday was a great day to stay in (not much choice there) and watch old movies.  "Journey for Margaret" with Margaret O'Brien, Robert Young, and Laraine Day; "Kings Row" with Ronald Reagan (in his best, if not only, real acting role), Robert Cummings, and Ann Sheridan.  Reagan used a line from "Kings Row" for the title of his autobiography, "Where's the Rest of Me?"  To assuage my guilt for an otherwise do-nothing day, I dusted the living room. 

The rain gods may be just resting up for their next assault, but the skies are almost clear this morning.  I'm going to enjoy this break while I've got it!

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Kathryn said...

Somehow, your whining doesn't sound so bad - maybe because you make the weather come to life, and I, for one, am vicariously living through it with you, and I can't wait for you to get some sunshine. I'd send some your way but we don't have much to spare right now. Maybe Mark can bottle some South Pacific tropical weather for ya! But I must say, Old Movie Day sounds like lotsa fun - dusting...not so much! Enjoy