Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy Days

The goats were still a little squirrely in the morning.  As a herd, they went to stare again through the fence to where they thought they'd heard a snake.  The milking pattern got a little out of whack and the girls took some coaxing to come into the room.  As time went on, they forgot about it and by evening everyone was calm and cooperative.  Note to self:  do not use a spray can anywhere near goats.

A twenty-degree drop in temperature prompted me to wear a long-sleeved shirt down to the barn.  Heavenly!  My ambition rises as the temp drops and I got a lot of "stuff" cleaned off the deck, either moved out to the barn (a major project for another day) or ready to take to the big road on Tuesday.

Ohmigosh.  It's just light enough to see outside and we either had some light rain during the night or there is heavy dew this morning.  It's been dry so long, I can't remember what dew looks like.  I know the last couple of nights have been chilly because Frank has spent the entire night on my feet.  We've all gotten used to the new blanket and it's warm enough, but that little space heater Frank is still appreciated.

Two steps out the door last evening and I went back in for the camera.  The sunset took my breath away.

It was a good day.

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