Monday, October 22, 2012

Still In the Hole

Candles.  Lots of candles.  Still rooting around in the closet, I started pulling out candles.  By actual count, I have thirty red tapers of varying lengths and thirty green, ditto.  Even had there been one helluva sale, I can't imagine what possessed me to buy sixty candles, or what I'm going to do with them now.  We're going to have one well-lit Christmas, for sure.

The day was spent delving into the second box of "stuff."  I became ruthless, pitching cards from jobs left long ago and people long forgotten, procedure manuals, photos unidentified and unidentifiable.  Some things will have meaning for the Kids, report cards and school photos, letters written as children and as adults, and those I saved.  Other items in the save box are those I am not yet ready to relinquish.  I did manage to condense two boxes into one, and it will go back into the closet for the Kids to find someday.  I hope they'll have as much fun as I did travelling down Memory Lane.

The day was cold and overcast, with a single burst of sunshine just before dark.  I decided it wasn't yet chilly enough for a fire and just put on a jacket in the house.  That will change today.  The rain came in the middle of the night and the wind is up.  Frank and Pearl went for their morning outing and Pearl just came back in, complaining loudly and demanding to be fluffed.  The humongous beetles that come out during the first real rain are whirring and banging on the windows, attracted by the light.  I found them on the Internet and they are, in fact, called Rain Beetles.  Droning around on the porch, they look like the prototype for the old VW Bug.  The cats think they are toys meant just for them to bat around and chase.

Tim is sending the next WWOOFer on Wednesday, this one from France.  If I stick my head in the closet again today, I'd better come out with the dust rag, and that's all!

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Kathryn said...

Ah...Children's report cards...always the job of the parent to save, and then the child to find and either smile or finally hide for good. Sounds like you are making progress...while the cats play with their new toys!