Thursday, October 4, 2012

Those Moments

Everyone has those "Aha!" moments, those "Eureka, I have found it!" times of revelation and enlightenment.  More common for me are the "Haha!" experiences that leave me laughing (but still in the dark).  Once again the excavators undermined the front legs of the milking stand and I had no more started milking Cindy than she went nose down and I went feet up.  I'm sure it was my imagination, but I thought I heard snickering squirrels (they sounded a lot like Alvin the Chipmunk).

Trundling the alfalfa cart down to the pen yesterday, I found those goofy turkeys grazing on the green grass where the water trough overflows.  One is already running the fence line, looking for a way out.  I was halfway through milking Cindy (feet still in the air) before they all figured out how to escape.

Camille and Honey came over to watch television last night (she doesn't have a TV by choice).  Honey went about her business of rooting through Bessie's toy basket, choosing this one, discarding that.  Bessie seems to accept "the kid."  The only possessiveness she shows is when she thinks Honey is getting too much of my attention.  Then she pushes against my leg to remind me, "I'm your girl, Mom.  I'm your girl."  Honey had settled down (on Bess's bed) when Frank wanted to come in.  As I opened the door, I explained to him that this might not be a good idea.  Frank approached cautiously, but took charge of the situation.  Honey raised her head and Frank raised a paw and hissed.  She decided this was a cat with "stickers" and put her head back down.  Just to prove his point, Frank paraded back and forth in front of the German shepherd, but she'd gotten the message.

I just had to laugh.

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Kathryn said...

Oh the antics of animals! I wish I could have been there! On the top of my list of entertainment is watching 2 dogs play. I never tire of it. Yay Frank - take charge, Man!!