Thursday, October 18, 2012


Having driven off all intruders, the tiny king sits alone, wearing his red and green royal raiment, and surveys his kingdom.

During my morning walkabout yesterday, there was much chittering and whirring of wings as the breakfast crowd arrived and tried to get a quick slurp to start the day.  King Tut fended them off and then sat in solitary splendor with a smirk of satisfaction (I swear!).

On a throne of a different sort, when I got up today it was fortunate that I turned on the bathroom light as I entered because Frank had raced ahead of me and was head down in the toilet, getting a drink.  There could have been disastrous results in the end (my end) had I not been patient.

It's only in my own mind that I am queen of this castle.

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Kathryn said...

Your castle and queendom look lovely...even if those holding the hoops thru which you are jumping, have 4 legs or feathers.