Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ladies Night

When life hands you tomatoes from a friend's garden, make Summer Tomato Pie!  Debbie K. from two driveways up the road and Camille from two driveways down the road came for an impromptu dinner last night, an opportunity for them to meet.  I'm about a week away from a trip to town to go shopping and supplies are getting low, so it was a case of using what was on hand.  I think I could make pie crust in my sleep, but what to put in it?  I make a really good onion and bacon pie, but was a little shy on bacon.  Quiche?  No Swiss cheese.  And there were these luscious red globes I'd been gifted.  Bingo!  The savory pie hot from the oven, sourdough bread, and Camille's salad made a light, colorful dinner, perfect for Ladies Night.

Someday I am going to keep an actual count of how many times I get up while writing this journal to open the door by my desk for cats and dog who want to go out or come in, one at a time, never as a group.  The cats are vocal, Pearl getting pretty demanding if I don't immediately accommodate.  Bessie just gives me The Look.  There is a bench under the window just behind the computer screen.  Suddenly a cat's face will appear, staring.  Bess gives a short bark when she wants in.  There are occasions when I know darned well that Pearl has not had time to walk all the way down the hall before she wants out again.  Is it a game?  I think they get a perverse pleasure out of getting me to dance to their tune.  Excuse me.  Frank wants in.

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Kathryn said...

Your culinary feats are amazing - never ever would I have thought of making a tomato pie! And there is a new sit-com that has in it, an organ-grinder-type monkey whose specialty is mopping/wiping up messes. Perhaps you need one whose specialty is opening and closing the door for Frank, Pearl, and Bess. And it could be a circus side-show money-maker to boot! I'd love to see THAT picture in the blog!