Saturday, October 27, 2012

Signs Of the Times

It isn't just the tinge of color in the leaves across the hill that tells me the seasons are changing.  Walking out yesterday morning, I saw and smelled smoke from burn piles drifting up the cut and heard the whine of chainsaws down by the creek.  The number of turkeys cruising through is increasing daily.  Juncos with their black "executioner's hood" are arriving to winter over here.  With little to no transition, tank tops have been traded for turtlenecks.  Diaper wipes are disappearing out of the bucket in the barn, dragged out by mice and squirrels to line their burrows.  The goats' coats are thickening and the chickens are finally getting recovered in feathers.  Fall is here.

In addition to a very nice note, Stephanie sent photos of her day at Farview.  This one shows that great smile of success and the stream of milk from Cindy.  It makes me happy that she enjoyed her time with me.

It's not like me to admit defeat, but it seems the prudent thing to do.  It has been years since the lawn tractor has been serviced and with the latest breakdown, I decided to call in the experts.  The weedeater also needs repair so I'll knock off both at the same time.  A shop in Mt. Aukum will come and pick them up next week, with a promise to return the tractor by the time Dave and his crew come up.

And speaking of the crew, I talked with Clay, who just returned from his trip to Mexico (all these international travelers!).  He mentioned he might come up and help on Clean-up Day.  When I said I'd be making chili verde for the gang, the words were hardly out of my mouth before he said, "I'll be there!"  I'd better let Craig and Deb know, as chili verde is one of Craig's favorite dishes and it wouldn't taste the same without him.  Besides, many hands make light work.

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Kathryn said...

Oh I wouldn't admit defeat if I were you...I'd call it a very smart maintenance move and a gift to the clean-up there. Stephanie looks happy and successful, and if Deb and Craig join the big day, then you can call it an early Thanksgiving for all! Sounds like a win-win to me! (Who said food bribery is not a good thing?)