Saturday, February 9, 2013


Seven o'clock.  In the morning!  Half the day gone before I even opened my eyes.  That's what comes of two days and two late nights while in the grip of bead madness.  I finally put the project down and went to bed last night after I realized I'd made two mistakes and had to go back to fix them.  I may or may not go back to beading today.  My eyes are tired and making fringe is tedious.

The thermometer in my computer lives in LaLa Land.  It cheerfully tells me it is thirty-six degrees where I live.  It is more like twenty-six outside and a sweat-wiping fifty degrees in the house.  A definite drawback of sleeping so late is that even the coals in the wood stove are cold.   This is west coast cold, nothing close to what the east coast is experiencing, but this is where I live and to me, it is cold!

I watched in disbelief yesterday as a small mouse began at the bottom and worked its way up the narrow side of a two-by-four stud in the barn wall, pulling itself up with front paws, pushing with the back legs.  Like the star athlete in gym class, this little guy climbed up over seven feet.  That's like a human scaling the side of a ten-story building!  I couldn't believe the strength in those toes no bigger than dust mites.  I could almost hear Super Mouse chuffing along like the Little Engine That Could, "I think I can.  I think I can."  And he did!

Sometimes inspiration comes in small packages.  Maybe I will finish the beading today after all.

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Kathryn said...

To SOME of us, seven o' the a right nice time to wake up. Welcome to my world! And you are indeed allowed to think that 26 or 36 is VERY cold! Now let's all take on the day like Super Mighty Mouse!