Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Can See It...

I took a great photo of Frank yesterday.  Actually, I wanted to take a photo of Frank and Pearl as they posed together for a brother-sister portrait on the couch, but she followed me as I went to get the camera and so that Kodak moment was lost.  I have the picture of Frank as he lounged, looking regal and just a bit bored.  It's right there in my camera.  I can see it.  Maybe one of these days when the camera and the computer overcome their communication difficulties, I'll be able to post it in this journal.  Just not today.

Cats have the unique ability to live in the moment.  They have such focus and intensity when they're on the hunt.  When they decide to give or get affection, and make no mistake, it is their decision when, where, and to whom, there is just no avoiding them.  Ask Bessie Anne about this when Frank decides to rub up all over her or clean her face and ears.  Pearl is more of a hands-off girl, but when she wants attention, she'll head butt like a battering ram.  If ignored, she's not above putting a single claw in my leg.  "Pet me now!"  Cats eat with gusto, be it the kibbles in their bowl or an unauthorized furred or feathered snack on the porch.  At play, a cat completely gives itself over to having fun, concentrating on the bottle-cap hockey puck, feather or leaf, or chasing brother or sister up and down the stairs.  No creature I know is more relaxed than a cat at rest.  That's why the photo of Frank is so good; not a tense muscle in his body.  He is obviously not worrying about something he should have done or what might come next.  He is simply resting, full stop.  I can see it. 

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Kathryn said...

I'll wait patiently to see the relaxed lad. You know, our animals really DO have it made. They can't really hold pens or type, so they can't make "to do" lists...and they can't manage dust rags, so there ya go!