Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bibby Map

Someday I'm going to write to the manufacturers and get the schematics for a set of bibbies.  (Just like I'm going to write to a linguist and find out why pants only come in pairs and bibbies in sets.)  There must be a reason for all the loops, funny-shaped pockets, and button holes where there are no buttons on a set of overalls.  Note to the uninformed:  there is a difference between overalls and coveralls.  I'm aware, through practical experience, that the loop on the leg side seam is to hang a hammer.  In my opinion, it's placed too low for practical use, but perhaps that's because I'm a wee bit vertically challenged.  I've been told that one of the skinny pockets on the opposite leg is to hold a screwdriver.  So far, so good.  But why the two extraneous button holes in the bib front pocket?  There are skinny, shallow pockets also in the bib; why?  Different manufacturers put funky pockets and loops in different places.  Do they make bibbies for different occupations?  Does anybody ever use all of those nooks and crannies?  It's hard enough to remember to get a Kleenex or the occasional nail or screw (or, as has happened to me, a cellphone) out of a pocket before throwing the bibbies into the wash.  If all those pockets were used, either the washing machine would sound like a cement mixer on laundry day or laundry prep time would take twice as long.  I'm just sayin'.

Warm weather has kicked off the social season and I am caught up in the whirl.  It's as if we are coming out of hibernation up here.  Last week I attended the anniversary fete for Craig's parents.  Today I'm lunching (if I were a corporate person, I'd say I was "doing lunch") with my friend Arden, and next week I'm going to Fiddletown to see Tinka and Bill.  The first vee of Canadian honkers flew over yesterday, headed home.  I'd say Punxutawny Phil got it right this year; looks like it's going to be an early spring.


Kathryn said...

Good luck getting bibby and linguistics answers. I bet the answer to the first is something like, "I don't know. This is the way we have always done it," and "I have no YOU know why it is a pair of scissors?" But I DO like the idea - I just think the answers might have died with someone long ago. And have fun, you social butterfly!

Kathy V said...

Button hole skinny pocket for a flat pencil to mark boards or pipes before cutting.