Saturday, October 5, 2013

Noisy Neighbors

New neighbors have moved in and they have shattered the peace and quiet here at Farview.  I didn't think any birds could be louder than the crows, but a big flock of woodpeckers has arrived and they have the crows beat by a country mile.  The woodpeckers have taken up residence in the big side oak by the drive.  They have a particularly irritating call that sounds much like an old-fashioned hand saw:  voopah, voopah, voopah, over and over again all day long.  Acorns are beginning to fall (sounding like hand grenades as they hit the truck) so it won't be long until the woodpeckers start their jackhammer pounding on tree limbs and unprotected eaves.

Two tribes of turkeys were skirmishing in the morning and the air was filled with war whoops as they circled and clashed.  Crows sat in the trees and cheered them on with raucous voices like fans at a soccer match.  Hawks screeched on high.  All this activity just outside the pens set off the roosters and they added their crowing to the cacophony.

I have a backlog of books that has been waiting for some time.  The weather has been perfect to sit on the deck and indulge.  All I asked for was a little peace and quiet.


Kathryn said...

I guess when you live in Grand Central Station, your quiet reading respites are doomed.

Kathryn said...

I just learned that a group of turkeys is a "rafter," but one reference says they must be domesticated to be called a rafter, and another says either wild or domestic is a rafter!