Monday, October 28, 2013

The Breakfast Club

Members of the Breakfast Club were out in force yesterday.  The business meeting was held in the side yard with all members present and then they broke for refreshments.  This committee was assigned to the second seating, as the dining area was already full, but they were hurrying to get in line.  Bessie Anne (look closely; she is the same color as the leaves) was the self-appointed Sergeant At Arms.
The early birds were helping themselves to the buffet, including the one up on the feeder in the balcony.  There had been many loud disputes during the general assembly, but conversation at breakfast was muffled as the members continued to talk, but with mouths full.

The wind blew this way and that all day, gaining strength as sundown approached.  The goats needed no coaxing to go into the barn and the chickens were already tucked in.  By nightfall, it was howling and at bedtime, instead of her usual hidey-hole, Pearl came and slept with Bess and me on the bed for comfort.  She explained that she was not a scaredy cat. but she thought we might need the company.  Rain came sometime after dark and the storm still blows this morning.

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Kathryn said...

You do put on a Las Vegas-style buffet up there at Farview, and how lucky the critters are. Who knew that the rain could stretch for 500 miles! We did not have the howling winds, but the swath of wet continues here as well!